Digital Turbine Flow Meter SHM DN50

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Digital Turbine Flow Meter SHM DN50

Digital Turbine Flow Meter SHM DN50 ukuran 2 inch

SHM Turbine Digital Flowmeter for liquid are made from Stainless Stell, multi blades rotor mechanism measuring flow & accumulative flow values.

Aplications :

Used to measure low viscosity liquid in closed conduit, chmenical industry, metallurgy, aviaton, adan scientific research departement

Simple Strukture
Light Weight
High Accuracy
Good repeatability
Flexible reaction
Convenient instalation

Feature :

Connection : Thread and Flange
Material : Stainless Steel 316L
Signal Output : RS485, 4-20mA, HART
Accuracy : 0.5%
Flow Range : 0.25 – 400 m3/h
Power Supply : 12V, 24V DC (optional)
Medium Temperature : 0 – 80ºC
Nominal Pressure : 1.6 – 42 Mpa




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